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Apart from all the facts and figures provided by the academy my personal experience was wonderful seeing so many children run around and participate in various sports activities creating an atmosphere of fun and fitness in a healthy way. Some skilled ones in the Tennis courts, while some tiny tots struggled to get their hands on the tennis ball in the munchkin court, players practicing drills in football while budding cricketers learning to spin and hit the right way, tae-kwon-do trainees at the corner of the lawn and little Riders learning to trot and canter. The environment is so full of energy that it inspires one to take a jog in the lush green ground or engage oneself in one of the activities. In a nutshell, it is a perfect getaway for the young ones from their innumerable cartoon shows and video games and focusing their energies towards some organized outdoor sports activities. It not only strengthens them physically but also makes them learn face day today challenges through team spirit and leadership qualities acquired by engaging oneself in any sport.


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