Horse Riding

Horse Riding is not only a sport but also a learning experience for everyone. It is a great way for kids to gain confidence, it improves the natural understanding in a child, it helps a child to take up challenges in various forms. Horse Riding teaches a person how to deal with situations tactfully as they ride a big and strong animal and make them move around at their beck and call through soft handling not with force. These are the things which children naturally perceive but cannot be explained in theoretically. Most of all, the natural fondness and compassion for animals makes riding a beautiful experience in a child’s life.

Our Coach is an Ex-Cavalry from the President’s Bodyguard, prepares children in equestrian games like Dressage, Tent Pegging, Show Jumping & Pole Venting. We also put up Horse Shows where the little Riders do various Gymkhana events on Horses like Ball & Bucket, Boot & Hay, Balloon Bursting etc.

For Adult Riders we have Cross country rides in vast farm lands and hills around the Aravalis, Show jumping, Polo Practice & lots of other equestrian sports.

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