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Fully equipped with a team of expert sports professionals, at Ryder’s Sports Academy you witness a healthy sporting atmosphere as you enter their complex at Ardee City. ‘ An integrated modern sports complex ’ what they call it, is actually a set-up by a few sports enthusiasts who have put their efforts together to show an excellent example of passion and profession. Coming from different backgrounds in their own professional fields these people have found an innovative way to bring back their past sporting careers to work by sharing their expertise and experience with the youngsters of today to bring a change in the future of Indian sports scenario.

Mr. Ajay Sharma, presently holding an important post of a DM in a central government department is spending his time in the evenings training the young cricketers at Ryder’s along with a team of qualified coaches. Mr. Strang Oridge a scholar and a former national Basketball player comes with a new trick everyday to show the trainees and improve their skills. Mr. David Collins who looks after the Tennis program and also manages the overall activities of the academy in a very professional manner with the help of Mr. Raj Hazarika a former national player in Tennis and an Ad professional, who is also the man behind initiating the whole concept of the sports academy. The Equestrian Department of the Academy headed by Maj. L.K Mishra a former gold medalist, training the young riders to achieve great heights in the Horse Shows after the academy bagged 22 medals in the past 3 appearances at the Delhi Horse Show. The football coaching is a major attraction in the academy as Mr. Benjamin Ogibuisi has a very versatile approach in handling the trainees with different drills and games to make it very exciting for the footballers to run around the ground for 2 complete hours. In Roller Skating under the professional guidance of Mr. Zahid Khan, one of the trainees had been selected to represent India in a four-member contingent for a speed skating championship held at Erfurt, Germany.

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The Academy is gearing up for a great ‘Summer Camp’ with lot of fun sporting activities in the month of May and June, which would be held in the early mornings of the vacation days to keep the children fit, happy and energized throughout their vacations. To find out more about their programs you can contact them at 9212800133 or 9810141889.

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Apart from all the facts and figures provided by the academy my personal experience was wonderful seeing so many children run around and participate in various sports activities creating an atmosphere of fun and fitness in a healthy way. Some skilled ones in the Tennis courts, while some tiny tots struggled to get their hands on the tennis ball in the munchkin court, players practicing drills in football while budding cricketers learning to spin and hit the right way, tae-kwon-do trainees at the corner of the lawn and little Riders learning to trot and canter. The environment is so full of energy that it inspires one to take a jog in the lush green ground or engage oneself in one of the activities. In a nutshell, it is a perfect getaway for the young ones from their innumerable cartoon shows and video games and focusing their energies towards some organized outdoor sports activities. It not only strengthens them physically but also makes them learn face day today challenges through team spirit and leadership qualities acquired by engaging oneself in any sport.


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